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Originally Posted by Risa chan View Post
She said it, she said " I have to tell you the truth , it's from this game, i played against this child ( Lambdadelta) I became a witch "

After that there's so many hints the "Nipah~" " Thousand years old" "I used to be an human"
Frederica Admit she was Rika when she was alive
But like i told you, she Couldn't call her Rika anymore, because she became another thing. So yeah she can't see her as Rika anymore. That's why ^^
I think that you are overanalyzing things. Rika in Saikoroshi-hen decides that she's so different from what she was like before she first died that she decides to give herself another name. She was drinking at the time, so she gives herself as a name what was written on the wine label which happens to be 'Bernkastel'. Trying to find a deeper meaning seems futile.
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