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I think that you are overanalyzing things. Rika in Saikoroshi-hen decides that she's so different from what she was like before she first died that she decides to give herself another name. She was drinking at the time, so she gives herself as a name what was written on the wine label which happens to be 'Bernkastel'. Trying to find a deeper meaning seems futile.
I didn't forget this . I was just looking for the TRUE meaning of bernkastel ,like i was looking for the meaning of Lambdadelta. Bern = amber , was just a personal thought (even if ,I'm sure 7th know it too) . It has to do nothing with the true meaning. I'm sorry if it borred you but it wasn't a argument at all ^^" .

After , Rika Decided that she was different in saikoroshi-hen but she clearly explained in her message that ,even if she changed her name , she still was Rika.(in a way)
I am who I am; Frederica Bernkastel.
Furude Rika and Frederica are different. Shame on you if you thought so.
My age? I've gotten bored with it, so I've quit counting.

Huh? Are you speculating that the real identity of the Oyashiro-sama is me?
Giggle giggle. You are so insolent.
The Oyashiro-sama is the Oyashiro-sama. You want me to introduce it to you? It's rather shy.
It gets frightened easily so don't scare it, okay? However, it seems that you are the one that's scared.

Giggle giggle giggle...

Sorry for this trouble with Amber thing , i was just looking for the true meaning ( Because 7th Never chose by Hazard ( Once again, it's what I think )
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