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I really like Kitamura despite how many people don't care for him, so I'm really happy that we have an arc based around him. He's a main character but so far it's just been so circled around the three girls that he was almost forgotten. It's kind of annoying how there's this air of confusion with his changes, but I have a belief that the directors did that on purpose. You do want to care for Yuusaku and know what happened to him. Anyone agree?

Anyway, I did like the episode even though it had a lot of weird moments. I Minori really shined due to her insight and there were plenty of cute moments with Taiga and Ryuuji. Yasuko gets points too for being angry for the first time and then the whole scene where they plan to dye his hair back.

I do have a couple of issues with the episode nonetheless:

-Yeah, Ami got too little screentime. I wouldn't of been irritated with this, but it feels like that the left her in such a negative mood in the little time they showed us.
-Taiga's realization towards Kitamura felt a bit forced and random.
-It feels like since Sumire is the cause of Yuusaku's attitude, they should of reflected more on her.

And on a smaller note, Ami's friends kept refering Kitamura to as "Maruo." (Atleast from the subs I watched) I was thinking that they call him Mauro since that sounds like Marimo. Marimo = Green Algae. Yet when they try to dye his hair back, you notice that they plan to use black dye. Was there any reason for the name change or what?
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