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Originally Posted by houkoholic View Post
It goes both ways - she could be lying in vol6 or lying later during the confession. However her actions in the later arc (Christmas, school trips etc) and the nature of the confession supports what she said later being the truth, rather than the former being true, making her actions in volume 6 going in conflict to what she said she wants to do and thus make that scene out of place.
The way this conversation with Ryuuji has been described this sounds so strange and convoluted, who talks like that? It's actually one of the reasons I disagree with Nemo about Kitamura in this particular story, his rationalization for what he's doing really humanized him for me because it seemed like something someone his age would really do when they get depressed. It's cliche, it's supposed to be. The characters even say so, he's a nerd who doesn't know how to rebel properly. Ami on the other hand, dunno how I'm going to be able to sympathize with her. It's a damn shame too because up to this point she's probably been my favorite character.
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