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It is not a fact that more information adds to perception of something. You are overassuming some things. Sometimes more information destabilizes perception of something and make it more shallow then the perfection with the less information. Yes more information can actually be more harmful and misleading than the similar information with less of actual info.

In modern world we do suffer from too much of information whivch harms our perception of the things and their depth. Baurdillard has a few analytic books regarding the modernism in our society and the information perception, pretty good if you'd ignore some of his rather crazy theories.

You are once again putting your opinion and saying it is objective fact while it is eternally subjective. Juts like mine mind, but you should really look at what you yourself try to express and if it really is objective. In most case, if you'd look deeper you will find a lot of subjectivity in seemingly objective facts.
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