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I will admit i was not expecting Kitamura to basically have a nervous break down over what transpired between him and the Student Council Prez. Although i really have a feeling about what really happened i will have to confirm with the novels because Kitamura's behavior actually is making sense to me. Everyone reacts differently to situations the seemingly strong willed Kitamura crumbled when something didnt go his way. The result is him acting out dyeing his hair, quitting the student council, screaming and yelling to get out his frustration. Though this is not the way i would handle a situation i am also not teenager prone to random outburst of emotion. Kitamura's scenes showed me personally he is human which i think through all his other interaction is something was missed. The perception that he had everything together was shattered as he could not handle even one piece of news shows just how human he is.

Do i think he acted his age absolutely do i think it was over the top no not really it was way to get the point across that something was eating him up inside. Im fairly certain that whatever happened between the two involved something the Prez wanted him to do and also maybe a confession which ended badly for Kitamura. But i guess we will find out in the next episode. Either way it was obvious that she had high expectations for him and his actions letting her down. She called him him stupid and a waste of time and when Ami confronted her about her about it, her reply made it all more obvious that something personal transpired between her and Kitamura. I felt the emotions were portrayed fluently and coherently i recognize that some people thought many scenes were contrived and Emo i however had no such feelings towards any of the scenes.

For the second time we see Taiga burst into tears. This time its over her inability to help Kitamura and understand exactly what his pain is hence her saying "im no good" Her feelings for Kitamura are still there but i have noticed a slight change in how she deals with him its ever so slight . She did manage to irritate me with her "Kitamura-kun has always been there for me" while Ryu is standing right next to her she is very blinded by her infatuation sometimes. but for those who think that a TaigaxRyu ending is moving further and further away dont count on it there is plenty of evidence to support that the battle is not even halfway over. Taiga's intuition about Kitamura's problems stemming from the the Student Council prez is not far off which prompted her to think the only way to fix the problem is remove him from her side. This is the basis of Taiga's thinking about most things remove it and it will be ok. Though that thinking is not exactly flawed it does not always work especially in this situation where there is evidence to support that Kitamura has feelings for his sempai.

I found Minorin speech to Ryu interesting as she once again shows that she can be quite intelligent and thoughtful about situations. However she herself does not know that much about Ami as well. Anyhow at least there was some screen time involving Ami even though i really wish they stop pushing her character to the side because she is a very interesting and dynamic character with lots of range as i find Minorin the same in most episodes which does not get very interested in her at all.

Over a very good episode the story is moving maybe not as fast as some would like. But imo JC.Staff is on the right track with progression and character development hopefully the direction stays fluid and does not try to go to some alternate world of forced drama.


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