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Toradora! Writers Challenge: Unraveling the Riddle

This is a new experiment -- I have no idea how this'll work out, but let's give it a shot.

In the spirit of fostering more discussion on the symbolism in the show, and particularly in the last episode, I would like to pose this question:
Originally Posted by Episode 1 Opening Narration/Episode 25 Closing Narration
There's something in this world that no one has ever seen.
It's something kind and very sweet.
If people could see it, they would probably want it.
That's why the world hid it;
So that it wouldn't be so easy to find.
But someday, someone will definitely find it.
The one who is supposed to find it, will be the one to find it.
That's just how it is.
The above riddle was presented as the "book-ends" in the anime, providing the context that framed what the story was all about. Having now seen the entire show, what's the answer to this riddle? What is "it"? Use evidence from the show (anime only!) to support your conclusion.

  • Try to write your entry before you read the entries of others
  • If you've already written one answer, try to see if you can think of another that is also justified by the story (perhaps from the perspective of a different character?)
  • Consider trying for something other than the more obvious (but not necessarily best) answer.
  • Bonus: Tie in more than one of the show's analogies/symbolic elements.

  • This is NOT a final impressions thread. Do not give your opinion about the show; write only to the topic at hand. Off-topic posts will be deleted.
  • Present your own argument/proposal rather than debating what others have written. Combative or unproductive posts will be deleted.
  • Use evidence from the anime only to support your argument. No spoilers from the novel! (However, any scene from the anime is fair game -- no spoiler tags required for that.)
  • This is NOT an fanfic thread! You must use actual evidence from the anime to support your argument, not conjecture or imagined events.
  • You are welcome to post your responses to your blog, of course, but please put the actual post in this thread, and not just a link to an external site.

There are many possible right answers to this question, even if some are a bit easier to defend than others. (And even if everyone does end up choosing the same answer somehow, there is lots of different evidence that can be used.)

I'm looking forward to seeing if people can rise to the challenge! I'll try to have my own contribution in soon as well. As an added challenge for those viewing this thread shortly after it was posted, maybe everyone should try to complete their entries before the "Overall Impressions" thread is created this Thursday.

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