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"There's something in this world that no one has ever seen."

Friendship, as perceived by your friends, as opposed to your friendship with the same band of friends, from your perspective. No one has seen their friendship from other angles (most of the time. Even if they could understand this, it is difficult to remind yourself of it all the time). What you enjoy from your side may not be the same as what your friends enjoy from being around you. Minori and Taiga is but one pair of friends who are like this.

"It's something kind and very sweet."

Friendship. Friends being together are touched by one another, though the actual thing which moved your friends may not be what you expect.

"If people could see it, they would probably want it."

Being able to see relationships from other points of view is a rare and valuable gift. Acting on this knowledge could change the lives of all those around you.

"That's why the world hid it;
So that it wouldn't be so easy to find."

As mentioned earlier, one tends to see relationships solely from their own viewpoint.

"But someday, someone will definitely find it.
The one who is supposed to find it, will be the one to find it.
That's just how it is."

In Toradora, many characters got to see their relationship with their friends, from the other viewpoints. Be it Taiga, Ryuji, Minori, Yusaku or Ami, they eventually found out how the other side(s) felt about the same relationship, and they grew and thrived on it. Sometimes, what friends need to do (but are often too afraid to do) is to be honest with each other.

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