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Originally Posted by Christine247 View Post
to such an extent that that people call an unexperianced person boring and kidish....They say,
"What!? You have never done that before? how shameful."
Don't worry, not only the U.S.A are like that XD... When you get older, it can become even worse, but college is not as worse as middle and highschool, because you tend to not spend all the days with the same 25-30 students. ( and not all the people are like that )

And not only some asians are sometimes different... I don't like when people touch me (so if they dare touch me, they expose themselves to my wrath ). As for kissing, i want to wait for somebody that I will really love So the boys tricks to steal a kiss don't work on me

Anyways, whatever your choices and even if sometimes you might feel like criticizing (at least for me, sometimes i have that feeling, some people here know about what I am talking about XD), keep in mind that each person should live the life he/she wants, the way she/he wants. So, don't do the same mistake as some people who can be mean or use sarcasm, because the other people, even if they live differently than you, have also the right to make their own choices in life.
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