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Originally Posted by Godai-AK View Post
Haruhi Suzumiya is basically this: Haruhi is a god, but doesn't know it, and there is an alien (well, alien cyborg), an esper, and a time traveller, whose job it is to either A) observer her, or B) keep her entertained so that she doesn't rewrite the world.

Evangelion is a bit simpler once you realize that the religious stuff is mumbo jumbo and it's really a 26 episode therapy session for director Hideaki Anno. I still love it , though.
This reminds me of a discussion i had with a guy that claimed that without a deep knowledge of the cabal you couldn't understand a damn thing about the anime. Apparently according to him anything could be explained interpreting the story through the sephiroticum system. According to me his theories were an incredible display of mental mansturbation.

Back on topic, Haruhi is not that confusing, i've seen worse a lot worse. Certainly the anime doesn't explain why and how Haruhi is a god or, more importantly, what happened three years before the story. I guess this is explained in the novels 'though... i haven't read them.

Evangelion is understandable after a while but there are still many questions that are never answered. Why would someone want to unite all the umanity in a single being? What exactly are we supposed to achieve with that? How exactly the different methods (Gendo's, Seele's, Rei's) differed? Where the hell angels come from?

Rahxephon is comparable to evangelion just a little less problematic to understand. Now i've been watching it many years ago so i don't really remember the details but i remember the question that rose in my mind: why all this mess if in the end everyone had the very same objective? What did they fight for?

As for Akira i do remember that after seeing the movie i was quite confused. There are too many things that are not explained. Who are exactly the espers, who is Akira? However the manga explain all of that in detail and nothing is left unanswered.

Anyway i will side with Aohige and i will claim that Mamoru Oshi wins the thread.

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