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Originally Posted by Miko Miko View Post
I need help guys!! :]

Okay so I went out with this boy last year for 3 months, but I stopped being with him because he was super paranoid. Currently he has a girlfriend who happens to be one of my friends, but Sunday night he told me that he didn't love her and how he needed a new girlfriend. He said he wasn't sure if he wanted me back yet. But later that night my friend (M) got drunk and tried to kiss him, he told M to back off because his lips were only to be touched by me.. Do you think he is still into me.. because I am so confused. I have always liked him but I cant ask him out if he is with my friend. Although we have done some stuff together which counts as cheating anyway and I really dont want her to know.. AGH!
You're becoming something of a regular customer here nowadays, aren't you Imouto-chan?

Ok well, I'd think this one is obvious; this boy is bad news. You do NOT want to be stuck with him for long; extreme paranoia is a relationship killer for the most part, and even if you continue to pursue one with him, that paranoia is just going to make you miserable. Plus, he's virtually two-timing you and your friend in front of the both of you here, so yes, he's no good.

Break with him ASAP. If you can, get your friend out of this mess too; if it looks impossible, just run to save yourself. :x
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