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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Aren't Asian people generally conservative about touching other people in most situations anyway? My mom who is Chinese occasionally talks about how it seems strange to her that Westerners are so open to touching and kissing (pats, hugs, stuff like that).
That would depend where they grew up. It's kinda hard to generalized Asians when it comes to public affection but most of the younger generations are actually quite open about it. It's not a rude or impolite gesture, just embaressing for some. But a peck or a hug in the open is nothing much to write home about for most.

Originally Posted by Miko Miko View Post
Okay so I went out with this boy last year for 3 months, but I stopped being with him because he was super paranoid. Currently he has a girlfriend who happens to be one of my friends, but Sunday night he told me that he didn't love her and how he needed a new girlfriend. He said he wasn't sure if he wanted me back yet. But later that night my friend (M) got drunk and tried to kiss him, he told M to back off because his lips were only to be touched by me.. Do you think he is still into me.. because I am so confused.
You need to ask yourself if this boy is worth souring your friendship with your friends. Also, has he changed his paranoid attitude or could you accept him being super paranoid about you?

IMO, i dont think he's particularly trustworthy if you are looking for a serious relationship. He should have broke off with his gf before going after you. Sounds like he's hedging his bet with his current gf if you rejected him.
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