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Dang, after watching it with subs this time(although not HD), I'm feeling more moe, or should I say tore, for Nadeko and Hanekawa. Why can't real life girls be that pretty? Lol.

Anyways about what Monir said earlier, I also think that Hanekawa also has the hots for Araragi, (the Sawari-Neko did said something about her master(or mistress) and that Araragi has one year to deal with "it"(but the Neko was stopped with what its saying because of Shinobu), but ever since Araragi went out with Senjougahara, Hanekawa's sole escape route out of her stressful life, for her, has been taken away, and the stress has been piling up again. This maybe is the reason why the Neko will manifest itself again.

BTW, what's up with Nadeko goin loco when Hanekawa showed up? Could it be that she thought her Onii-chan was dating Hanekawa? She doesn't know about Tsundere-chan right?

And why was Hanekawa walking around with Araragi with only her undies and no footwear on?
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