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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
I agree. There should have been a "Say Nothing" for all convos. Just for the lulz, we could also have "tilt head to side" or "make a noise", which the latter can be broken down into "Nyaa~", "Woof", "Squeak" or "make random noise".

The Paragon and Renegade shouldn't be equated to the Light/Dark side, just a reflection of how certain people would treat you as a whole. The Light/Dark side thing limits the choices you can make, or in D&D terms, being only able to be Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil, and not Chaotic Good/Neutral or Lawful Evil/Neutral.
Do you really expect Shepard, the first human Spectre, savior of the galaxy, all around badass motherf*cker to go "Nyaa~"?

Also I think the difference in Paragon and Renegade should simply be attitude which effects how people see you and the decisions you make. Like say the renegade option is "Kill it with fire" and the paragon option is "Love it with hugs" but I want to be a renegade but I dont want to sound completely evil.

There should be more middle ground like "Burn it lightly" or simply "Kick it's ass" or "Remain indifferent" or "Advise"

In 2009 was the year of bringing in more moral options and differing decisions in games, now 2010 should be bringing in more middle ground than just being outright evil or outright good.

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