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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
OT : I, on my part, blame Keroko as one of those who instigated me to play Touhou. The characters are too irresistibly cute.

I agree. There should have been a "Say Nothing" for all convos. Just for the lulz, we could also have "tilt head to side" or "make a noise", which the latter can be broken down into "Nyaa~", "Woof", "Squeak" or "make random noise".

The Paragon and Renegade shouldn't be equated to the Light/Dark side, just a reflection of how certain people would treat you as a whole. The Light/Dark side thing limits the choices you can make, or in D&D terms, being only able to be Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil, and not Chaotic Good/Neutral or Lawful Evil/Neutral.

I am one person who always play a female character because of they tend to always have more non-generic plot options. I guess it comes from being a male player trying to see from the position from an opposite sex.

Yes. The girls, apparently, don't wear sports bra anymore. But I don't think we can expect them to bounce like Himari's*.

* - From the anime Omamori Himari.
Seriously, get help.......

btw you can now download the digital version on gamestop.
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