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My favorite character is Kamina first and foremost because he is a man above all men and no one else in this series could ever compare. Even if most of what he did was inspire everyone else to take action, he was no slouch on the battlefield and fought even with fear well in his mind. Unfortunately, I was under this impression that this was single-choice only, so I didn't vote for him, thinking he'd already have a million votes by now. Come on, he's fucking Kamina.

Instead, I voted for Yoko. It goes without saying that she's got a damn nice figure (though at times, I felt the overemphasis was annoying), but the first thing I noticed about her was her personality. She doesn't get upset at silly things like lechery the way typical anime girls do, and she doesn't react to anything in an exaggerated manner. Her attitude and speech are both admirable and believable on every level, and I felt she was more human than the rest of the cast combined. I truly admire characterization on this level and won't hesitate to give props for it in any given anime.

Also, show of hands for everyone who preferred her pre-timeskip outfit.

I really liked Nia too. I mean, even with her ever-present naivety, absolutely everything she says and does is cute. She summoned her own brand of strength and courage when it mattered and acted as a complete counterbalance to this sausagefest of a testosterone-filled anime. I was also glad to see they gave her a nice body and sense of fashion after the timeskip. Still as much of a princess as she ever was.

I liked Viral mostly for his mech, fighting style, and badass attitude, but it was nice to see he had his own dreams and ideals (while unfortunately, his biggest one could never be accomplished) and that he wasn't above loyalty.

I enjoyed Simon's development pre-timeskip, but once he achieved the pinnacle of manhood, he became a predictable and boring heroic archetype. On top of that, he fights for woman he loves, loses her, does that tough guy shit and walks off like it's nothing, then goes off to become some fucking bum. Really, can they drag this charade on any further?

That covers just about everyone I care about.

EDIT: shit, forgot about Leite. Why do I like her?

She's hot! :P

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