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Originally Posted by SJCrew View Post
Pre-timeskip Simon had plenty of personality. He was a kid who liked to dig and struggled to find himself amidst the chaos of war. He had a lot of personal triumphs to overcome before he became the leader of Team Dai-Gurren. All of that went out the window as soon as he grew older; in everything he did, he had to be the cheesy selfless hero. It's like they completely robbed him of his personality. I'd say that's a pretty significant change.
I have to admit, Pre-Timeskip Simon was way more interesting, Those selfless hero types arn't nearly as interesting. I know if i was in Simon's place and had the power to resurect my dear friends and loved ones, I'd do it. Up to that point in the series, doing the impossible was a main theme(Yes i know victories in war have a cost is also a theme).

I'd expect simon to say something to like "I'll rip a hole in heaven itself to bring my friends back". I know when he grew up he was suppose to be more like Kamina but he could never fill Kamina's shoes. Kamina wasn't a selfless hero nor a perfect straightened arrow.
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