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Originally Posted by SJCrew View Post
Anime is all about storytelling. Gurren Lagann did have some strong themes in it, and there's definitely more going on in it than a Transformers movie. Part of the reason Gurren Lagann was so great was that it engrossed us in its world with both its story and characters.

We had to get attached to Kamina as a person before we cared that he died. Kittan to a lesser extent, but he still had a presence. Even Jorgun and Balinbow are good examples of this. I cared that Nia died because they wrote her rather well and I think it would have made a better ending if she lived a happy life married to Simon. I can definitely picture that better than Simon getting by all these years disconnected from his friends and with the death of his wife during their wedding fresh in his mind.

Battle casualties are acceptable, but they went too far with this one. Gainax needs to start learning when to put down the axe and let us have a happy ending for once.
I agree with Seitsuki's post. This is a pure "Manliness destroys everything and defies all logic" show. There was no thinking necessarily involved at all, it's just hot-blooded explosions everywhere and awesome quotes that made the show so epic. And it was a great show still. I think you're thinking way too much about things. Face it, most animes have pretty shitty endings (main character(s) die, etc.). Nia's death was stupid, but whatever, it was their choice. We may think it was the stupidest decision in the world on Gainax's part, but I'll still love TTGL regardless.
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