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I once theorized that every show has its audience, whether it be boring or ironic or poorly executed. But the way fans react en masse, for example preordering a show like Hyouka after the first few episodes, is just ridiculous. If the show cannot show its worth, because it hasn't even finished airing, what are the criteria these shows get preordered by fans?
The business is community oriented, and the Internet is particularly influential with regard to the otaku market. People watch, play, and read what their peers are excited about, and a similar line of thinking extends to anime purchases (one's enjoyment is a prerequisite, of course).

As for animation, I'm not convinced that quality is a dominating factor. Ugly art/animation can certainly be a deterrent, but other than that, fans haven't proven to be particularly picky or discerning. I'd say that good animation is a potential hype factor (that gets fans speaking positively about a show), but it takes multiple hype factors to light a fire.
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