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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Honestly, you haven't stumbled upon the secret of anime success here. There are a lot of shows that fall into that category that don't sell well,
Examples please.

and there are a lot of shows that do sell well but feature characters that aren't particularly anatomically-correct or whose animation isn't particularly top-notch.
I never wrote that having this overall artistic style was the only way that an anime could sell well.

And when it comes down to it, all you're really saying is "shows that look good and use popular art-styles tend to sell better than shows that don't"... which isn't much of a revelation.
If it's so obvious, then why are you disagreeing with it?

If there were a single combination of objective traits that tended towards repeatable success, the industry would have clued in long ago (considering it's their job to capitalize on such things).
I would argue that the industry has clued in. But high production values can be costly in and of itself, so studios can wonder if the added sales that would arise from that is worth the added cost of production.

In fact, tastes are always changing and there are a ton of different factors that affect success.
How would you say tastes have changed over the past six years? What differences do you see in the anime selling well today and the anime that sold well six years ago?
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