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Even if we wanted to do this, there isn't really a good way of making this work. You'd have to use Javascript to get it open many links at once, and you can't really target a "new tab" just "_blank" (which it's up to the browser to decide if it's a window or a tab). And having a button that spawns a whole bunch of new windows is surely going to be blocked by almost all pop-up blockers. If not, someone who clicks that button by accident is going to be super-annoyed because now all of a sudden they've got 10/20/whatever new tabs/windows for all these different threads. A few people may want this, but I don't think it's common.

Honestly, this whole thing isn't really a great solution in the first place. What you would really want is some sort of reading interface where you could queue up all the subscribed threads and then in some sort of bar at the top or bottom it had a link like "Next Unread Subscribed Thread" or something, so you could navigate efficiently in a sequence. But yes, programming something like this is way more work than we can really do for software we don't primarily maintain, as it could easily be broken with subsequent updates. At the very least, I think we must wait and see if there are any changes/improvements in the new vBulletin version.

So for now I'm going to lock this thread, as this is something we can't really implement at least right now, but probably ever.
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