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For some reason the time traveling Sasuke theory is at the top of my list right now of who is Obito.

Originally Posted by j0x View Post
Ten-Tails is basically the God on the naruto universe, so the same questions can be asked here on our universe that who created God? wheres that God comes from?
So what does that make the Sage who conquered 'God'? lol

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For what motivation could Obito possibly have for taking up Madara's identity and God-level powers to travel the nations for a chakra collection in a plot to end the world as everyone knows it? If no sufficient answer can be created from that postulation, then substitute instances of "Obito" with "Rin", if not for the search of an answer, but for amusement instead..

But this is all too trifling...Let us take a moment to mourn the important and now-confirmed losses of Atsui and Samui, sealed in the Benihisago never to be extracted, and eaten by the Gedou Mazou, collateral damage in the imperfect revival of the Juubi...May they be briefly remembered, and then forgotten again...

And still, the end of the world as they know it looms over as the apocalypse is about to be revived; Meanwhile next door, Sasuke and Orochimaru prepare to go on a stroll, while the Five Kage vs. Madara-independent scene is at a zero-sum stand-still...Because of the other two plot lines having just started themselves, I cynically don't believe the Juubi revival line will advance too far...None-the-less, it's getting dark in here...

We're getting trolled. One has to wonder how long the ten tails has to be revived before Tobi's plan is activated. I'm assuming he won't have to be out too long for it too happen. And he got way over-hyped in this chapter as some incredible being that nobody alive has any chance of stopping. So chances are there will be no need to as Naruto is going to somehow defeat Tobi and stop it from happening.

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