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The author obviously thought up and retconned many things throughout the manga.

Heck, Jiraiya's Sage Mode was introduced during the Pain Arc. It wasn't even hinted before that.
jiraiya had always called himself a gamma-sennin or frog sage. that to me is a clue to his sennin abilities. what i don't get is why didn't he use it when he, tsunade and naruto fought oro and kabuto? he certainly could have used it when they were having so much difficulty handling oro. seems to me kishi didn't know what sennin mode is all about yet. but other than that, i pretty much agree with the rest of your post.

ugh, so Tobi could had the 10 tails just by using portion of the tailed beast and not the complete beast? with this and how Orochimaru was revived has been one of Kishis lowest moments. The problem is not that if its make sense, is that every conflict and plot made about Akatsuki until now was flushed down the toilet, stuff on how they needed 3 days of the complete Akatsuki team to seal one tail beast, how not having Orochimaru made it slower, how Chakra was important to this process; all of this was baasically overlooked and the solution to the problem Kishi had at hand was solved in no more than two pages with little to no effort from Tobis part.
i couldn't agree more. this whole ten-tails revival just seems too convenient. sure, kishi thought up some pretty interesting situations for tobi to get the kyuubi and hachibi chakra but it seems too damn easy! if you only need a fraction of the beasts' chakra then why go through the lengths of taking out each bijuu from their hosts when they could have simply cut down a piece of their chakra like what they did to the hachibi?

Because it is so boring. Tobi=Obito was a theory most fans thought of seconds after Tobi was introduced, but immediately rejected because only a hack writer would so lazily write such a storyline. In the end, if Tobi is Obito, then Kishimoto would have put more creative thought into jerking his audience around on the issue rather than the creative thought required to actualy come up with something interesting.
lol agreed!

there is one sharp thorn in the side of the Tobito theory. The ninetails attack. As we saw, Tobi attacked kohona with the ninetails 15 years ago. This would have been After otito's "death" but it would have been too soon for him to have acquired Madara's powers (plus he would have been to young and short to fit the role)... So the only way for Obito to be tobi would be is that tobi that attacked back then was a different tobi, or if Tobi is some kind of entity that's been pulling some kind of body switching-trick like orochimaru to keep himself alive and young and thus saved obito so that he could use him as his latest host... either that, or maybe the sharingan has time travel powers now... Which by that point we are getting quite ridiculous, and now things are feeling rather convoluted
that's what i've been saying all these years but the obito theory just won't die and now kishi has even given us hints that it might actually be true. oh god forbid! it certainly is possible, but my problem with this theory is that it's too cheesy! like several people have already mentioned, it's a theory that almost everyone came up with when tobi's character first surfaced. it won't be much of a twist if indeed tobi is obito. it would certainly be worse than kakashi's resurrection or oro's revival using that cursed seal horcrux thingy.
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