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Originally Posted by ArchmageXin View Post

@Whsie-Where did you translate that?
Oh, I don't know. SOMEWHERE in this 131 page thread. I did it several months ago.

^ Not necessary, I translate where the demand is. I originally translated half of that youth scene for Campione in October 2011 (about a whole year ago when Campione was little known) because people were asking for a "taste" of what the LN was like. Well, I gave them what they wanted.

The thing with me is that I'm always thinking of entering translation, but then there's always something in life that says, NO, you got sh*t to do. I thought about doing DxD (when the thread was still in the 10s), things came up, thought about doing Campione(when the thread was below 10), things came up. There was that half summary/half translation of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei for Web 4 during the Spring, but I only did it because the demand was crazy at the time and I did that when I was working 6 days/60 hours a week. Overall, September 2011-Present has sucked for me. At this point, until I have some stability in my current life, I will not enter translation. With that being said, I would do translations if I have some stability because it's good practice for me.
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