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Originally Posted by xBakaChanx View Post
personally I feel that if someone is translating a vol (not a series), it's proper manner to finish translating the whole thing, leaving it half complete is even worst than not translating at all for the readers. But ofc real life should take priority and people should not complain about the speed no matter how slow it is. (Yes they have a life too.) It will be fine if they just one day remember the vol and finish it. But if they leave it incomplete, the readers still shouldn't complain about it since they are not getting paid to do it. Guess I'm contradicting myself a bit but what I'm trying to say is, it's bad if they leave things incomplete but it's not wrong.
Yeah, basically if I'm in, I would be all in. I don't like to leave things half done. The problem is real life is preventing me from going all-in. Until then, the best I can give are translations of small parts or at best a Mahouka quasi summary/translation.
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