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1. Just stupid and the epitome of a wasted slot. At least they are different enough not that it helps. However it was stated that Sucker Punch wanted both of them to be in if the want Cole. So I blame Sony for that one because they haven't told SP to shut up.

It's the same with Team ICO. They said they don't wand Wander or Ico in this game and Sony just let's this slide. It's nice that Sony listens to their studios but sometimes you tell them shut the fuck up and do as told.

2. Nothing to do with UMvC. It's marketing period. Dino is the new Dante. The game is soon coming so they would be stupid to include OG Dante as they want to push DmC as the new Devil May Cry. This is a dickmove and nothing more and I hope DmC bombs so hard that you will hear it on the Mars.

3. Agreed. Dart, Leonard, Jeanne d'Arc, Jaster, Monica or Max, Ellen or Keats they have so many.
yeah those are some great ones that would have worked well for this game but you missed a character kos-mos from xenosaga, but we probably wont see her in it either
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