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funny episode no matter how you look at it. i know i dont need to say but the whole situation with Oboro and the twins was just too funny. and after much speculation on their gender i have reached my conclusion THEY DONT HAVE ONE or they are both

Eruruu was cute as usual did anyone notice how every time Hakuoro praised her skill she tail was wagging like a hundred miles per hour to match the speed of her mixing bowl i almost died. My girl Karura was drunk AGAIN and she was totally hitting on Hakuoro she is so funny i have enjoyed the series more every since she joined the cast. Should guessed that Hakuoro's little masked visitor was a girl Hakuoro attracts women like a pot head to taco bell at 2am.

I am not sure if i heard right but the guy that comes and gets Hakuoro did she say he was also an Evinkuruga?

Out of everything the part that made this episode for me was Touka making this face.

Next episode looks good seems like Hakuoro and the rest of the gang are either helping are starting a revloution in the country where she came from. IT would make sense if she was slave there must be more like her she would want to go back and save them she might have asked Hakuoro for help

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