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Originally Posted by demon_god04 View Post
I expect Suzaku to have a plan and short term goals on how to acomplish his ideal, not just some vague idea. Even if he becomes the Knight of One and the governer of Area 11, it still does not change how Britannia views the Areas and Numbers. Things may be abit better for the Elevens while he is around but still does not solve things for when he is gone.
Again. This takes time and patience. There is no easy way to do this (which I don't think Lelouch gets.) Suzaku is doing the right thing by taken the slow but sure way because it is preferable over a war. I can't but help make the comparisons in this show with the Civil Rights Movement actually. How long did it take? Years upon years. Things get done though and it only takes one person to get the ball rolling.

The incident with the assassin that tried to kill him and his execution order did not involve Zero in anyway.
The execution order was just him not wanting to kill someone. He has always been like that.

Before you jump to his defence and say that he always had a problem with killing needlessly and such, the assassin broke the law and his punishment was death.
So did Toudou technically. Doesn't mean he wanted to kill him either. Heck, he could have killed Lelouch right on the spot at the end of Season 1 if he wanted to, but he didn't. He is against killing in general.
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