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Originally Posted by demon_god04 View Post
Again, Britannia's system is fundamentally differant from ours. Euphie mentioned to Cornelia about wanting to create a gentler world or something to such effect way back in season one, you remember Cornelia's response? That Euphie's desire means becoming the Emperor, because she can only do so with the power of the Emperor. In Britannia the Emperor holds the power, most likely to affect any sort of reforms, you will need a large majority of the nobility on your side and the Emperor's approval. Suzaku's way is the "sure" way, neither is Lelouch's for that matter. The only sure way would be to dethrone the Emperor and take his power for your own, you'd likely have to eliminate his heirs as well one way or another.
Meh. I see what you mean, I guess it is just difference of opinion here though.

Then why did he let Anya sign the order? So as long as the order did not come from his hands it is ok?
That all comes back to conflicting emotions I guess. I see your point though.

The only thing I agree with is that he is always like that, yes he is always indecisive. If he truely believe in what he is doing then his conviction and will would not be so weak, he would not let someone else relieve him of his own responsibilities.
You see, I think I am just looking at this a different way. He knows what he wants, but that doesn't mean that it still isn't hard for him. His emotions just constantly get in the way to make him indecisive. That is the big difference between him and Lelouch that I see. Lelouch can be heartless and uncaring. Suzaku isn't, and it DOES get in the way and DOES make him indecisive. But again, I don't see that as a bad thing and I think it makes his character more interesting (let alone more human.)
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