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Originally Posted by Secca
Does La Pucelle have those secret character too like Disgaea? I heard the secret character in Disgaea is from La Pucelle.

Maybe Laharl or Captain Gordon will show up in Fantasy Brave, that would be cool. ^^
I never got that far myself, but I think the secret character you get for beating the witch's castle is Marjoly, the evil (?) witch from the PS1 game Rhapsody, aka Puppet Princess of Marl's Kingdom.

It would be cool if La Pucelle and Fantasy Brave also had characters from some of the other games. Now that Nipon Ichi has a US office, they should make some kind of FF:Chronicle type of collection for the Marl's Kingdom games.

Edit: No wonder I couldn't find any info... it's 'Phantom Brave', not 'Fantasy Brave'.

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