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Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
-_- thats a lot to catch up on yo.
The only thing I really understand so far is that there are people descended from famous people
Not necessary. Personally, I think of it as flavor or food for dorama (like Lupin vs Holmes)
and they all use guns
Oh yeah, that's the part I needed to get used to. But then I get american 1980-1990s movies, pre-Hollywood John Woo and Equilibrium for inspiration. As I have said before, HnAverse is like an Eden for mundane action heroes. Those don't have to worry about trying to play smart and miserably fail because the opposition have flight/wave motion guns/magical barrier that stop everything and have shown no evidence to have a limit at all.

and magic.
So far the most powerful magic-user shown in the series, rank-wise, is Shirayuki and she is far from being gamebreaking or OC-creation cockblocking, as in it is pretty reasonable. The only things that are close to gamebreakers are, possibly, HSS and Irokane, and that metal is fucking rare.
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