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Originally Posted by LastOrder View Post
But right now, Mikono isn't even returning Kagura's feelings. In fact, she's more terrified than ever.

When Kagura called her Sylvie, she was all like "wtf" face.
Did you miss this reaction?

Blush (including Shushu) and how her heart hurts. Those incomprehensible chest pains are not a sign of fear.

Her body and subconscious seems to be recognizing him (that or someone else is transmitting it like her cat: her connect power can be a huge troll). Of course she's consciously afraid (Sylvia was freaked out at her own feelings too when she started to awake her memories), since her encounters with Kagura haven't been the most ideal.

I'll withhold my judgment until they meet in less unfavorable circumstances.

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wasn't Sirius and Silvia the last of their line? So I think that the chances of Silvia having a child to be slim to none, unless she had a loveless marriage.
Artificial insemination?

"Who would understand you after I die? Who else would march forward by your side?"
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