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I'm more inbetween in regards to KaguraXMikono and AmataXMikono. >.>. I've had a hard time chosing between them since episode 1. :P But in my opinion, this episode sorta damaged the KaguraXMikono ship rather than supported it. This episode really put him in a bad light. Although I found Kagura's happy face and dancing rather hilarious, he took a sharp turn in the wrong direction soon after. Starting when he threatened to kill Amata for no reason and with no hesitation right infront of her even though she was begging him to stop. Mikono now sees that Kagura is more dangerous than he first appeared to be. She doesn't see him as the "lonely dog who just needs company" anymore. She sees him as the " bad wolf who's fully capable of killing people". This may change later on when they finally get some much deserved alone time, but as of now there's a huge gap between them.

Looking at the preview it seems that Jin is not the only one who died during Kagura's attack. Was it because of Kagura? If so, wouldn't Mikono feel guilty because she knows that Kagura was after her? I could see her deflecting because she doesn't want anyone else to die because of her, especially Amata, who almost got the blood flow in his body reversed because of her. I think that this encounter with Kagura will affect her alot, and not in a good way. :/ Expect angst. Lots and lots of angst.

On to Shu-Shu, I think Shu-Shu just reflects Mikono's emotions instead of the other way around since this has happened before. Episode 3, Amata apologizes to Mikono by pulling a dogeza in Aquarion. Mikono accepts his apology, as shown by Shu-Shu here:

Spoiler for Big picture, Picture is big:

Although it hasn't happened in a while. Shu-Shu did react violently to Kagura's presence in episode 6(or 5), so it's not just Amata. If Shu-Shu gains any plot importance and isn't just Mikono's cute head pet anymore, I swear he will be up there with Mykage on my hate list.
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