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Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Guys: do you think the ending credits foreshadow something?

As far as couple goes (in the first half), it nicely pairs up:

Book of Genesis-Zessica.*
I think the one with kagura and aquarion replacement is mikage cause mikage is after the aquarion. The book of genesis though i don't really know anyone who fits. I would think the one who can read the book would be placed there. It might be bit crackish but what if its fudo? Its not like fudo and zessica are a pair or anything but like fudo-rena, u know? It could be shu shu or a new character to be revealed.

The lines when the book and zessica appear is something along the lines of - "i will never forget some one like you" and "your flare reaches the moon" kinda like zessica's missle shooting in OP.
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