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Some anime shows have a certain "magical emotionality" to it.

It's a certain emotional high and/or sentimentality you get when dreams and hopes become, in that one magical instance, a reality. There is a certain "emotional truth" to this that resonates so powerfully for many of us.

In anime, these moments are for me...

1) Various key moments in Key/KyoAni shows (viewers of those shows likely know exactly what I'm talking about).

2) The climax of K-On!!

3) Certain key moments in Madoka Magica (as dark as the show is, Gen very ironically gets "magical emotionality" I think).

4) Certain key moments in Gurren Lagann

5) Several different scenes in MariMite.

6) Akasaka's big moment in Higurashi Kai.

7) Certain scenes in the Saki anime.

I can think of some moments like this in western fiction, but most of them are pretty old.

While "magical emotionality" is probably most appealing to kids and teenagers, I think it's something that adults can appreciate as well. And, in fact, I think that due to our familiarity with the more cold and harsh aspects of reality, these "magical emotional" moments can become particularly meaningful to adults. I think this is where "Healing Anime" comes into play a lot.

I can imagine myself one day not being an active anime fan anymore. But should that day never come, it'll likely be due to the "magical emotionality" of anime.
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