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Originally Posted by Tiberium Wolf
Thx Shadowlord. That's something I was looking for. I did a google search but the info was spread out.

I find this in shop near by:

Asus GeForce 6800XT/TD 128MB DDR AGP 149
XFX Geforce 6600GT 128MB DDR3 AGP 164

Is the price difference of these 2 because of the core speed? I went to some forums and some ppl recommended the 6800 over the 6600.

For the ATI part I find this one:

ATI Radeon X700 / 400MHz / 256MB DDR 154

(yeah they are AGP cox I dont have money to get new MB. Getting new MB means new RAM, CPU, etc)

The 6800XT is actually a superior card compared to the 6600GT despite the lower price. It has more shader pipelines than that of the 6600GT or the X700pro so it is definitely the better buy if your trying to decide between those three.

Performance wise it looks like this:


with the 6800XT being the fastest and the X700pro the slowest.
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