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Originally Posted by panpanpanpanmelonpan View Post
Am I stupid if I didn't see KeisakuxMargery coming apart from in the last few episodes? XD D'awww. They're cute together though. :3
Technically speaking they've been forshadowing it since episode 5.

Episode 5 - Marchosias notes that she'd only wake if she felt Satou's hot lips.

Episode 6 - Rebecca notes that it's bad taste for Satou to show up with her


Margery looks far better with her hair down and without glasses....almost like Pheles...
She's not wearing lipstick so she looks more natural actually

You could say that in a clear match unhindered by external factors, between Sophie and Decarabia, Decarabia is much tougher to beat. However, based on the three aforementioned reasons, defeating Decarabia in that circumstance is not difficult.
Some of the denizens while being powerful seem to be more focused in either a leadership role or in a combat role. Several of the Crimson denizens with Deca and Haryboum seem to be top notch generals including that soldier looking guy who can build castles. Is that his only ability? To just build castles?
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