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Spoiler for preview:

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Bikini + overknees = full of win!
Momo pic is nice, too.

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One would wonder that with the girls fighting for the planet the military could allocate some money as salary for the girls so that they wouldn't have unnecessary worries. (eg part time work)
So true. They've saved the world from certain doom several times already by protecting the manfestation Engine, the world's most important power source, and what do they get in return? Nothing!
Not a single Yen, Akane still has do do her part-time job. Talk about ungrateful. On top of not getting paid anything, they even got a lecture
They really should go on strike and demand fair wages for what they do, including a danger bonus, as they're regularly putting their lives on the line. Akane even got hospitalized now!

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"The game will use toon rendering and aims to faithfully reproduce the anime. The charactersí thighs will be of particular highlight."

Good choice. Thighs > butts
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