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(shrug) Weight issues? Full armor is heavy and restricts your movement. If a barrier jacket provides most of the protection but is only as restricting as a normal set of clothes, it's probably a superior solution.

We know that Mid does have device-vehicles, like Storm Raider, but that not all their vehicles are devices or even "smart". Why not? Rogue actor problems? Tough to say.

At the end of the day, you're not going to get past "it's a magical girl show and thus the technology must accommodate cute girls in skirts in combat". Even if Nanoha would be better-equipped and better-protected piloting RH in Nanoha Gundam mode, it's just not that kind of show. Same reason that the power armor in Starship Troopers became "minimal armor with exposed faces" for the movie - they didn't want to do a story where most of the characters had their faces covered most of the time. There's not a "good" story reason why. Obviously everyone but Subaru and Ginga could use a magic crash helmet on top of the stuff they normally wear, but it ain't gonna happen, so...
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