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Originally Posted by ShiroiRyu View Post
This guy really deserve to die ...
I agree with you, but he is going to live for a little while to heal Sensei. As for the people under his command, wonder how Sengoku is going to deal with them after everything is said and done. It seems unlikely Sengiku will allow them into the group with all they have done, if they show fear to one person, more than likely they are not going to hold when the group faces other creatures. Sengoku only invites those where he can trust without a doubt, those who people who helped the Doctor out of fear, sorry to say even if you say " I am sorry I am scared I am scared" doesn't mean much to me. There are consequences when you betray each other and my feeling is those who really helped the Doctor will not be let into the group, but have to fend for themselves.
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