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Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
Be at ease my friend, I am confident it won't happen. It will ruin the story and dropped the rating of this Manga considerably. Meaning no rating means author gets fired and most likely not going to write again. Pretty sure Yoshinobu Yamada isn't aiming to go jobless.
Though you're not wrong about the ratings dropping should things develop the way they realistically would in a 2-hour timeframe, do you understand how the manga industry works? If a mangaka's work gets cancelled (not fired, cancelled. They have editors for a reason) due to low ratings there's no reason they can't start up a new work. Please don't assume the author will permanently be out of a job.

Originally Posted by ShiroiRyu View Post
So the Otakus will save the world ?
Seems like it. Though if those WERE the true translations for their names, I find it hilarious. I guess no one liked WuFei (me neither)? Hahaha

Lastly, Nishikori is a dick. Ruthless, and brilliant sure. But he's still a dick.
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