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I know what it's about, but only because it's told to me. I didn't get to see it.

I wanted at least one ending where my war assets mattered. At least one ending where I could see the united fleets crash in space, with the ships I salvaged and the races I gathered rather than just one generic cutscene. Even if they lost, I would have loved to see the Destiny Ascension fire it's main gun (you know, the one talked about in the first game but we never got to see) blow reaper ships in half before falling to concentrated reaper fire. I wanted to see mercenaries ramming reapers in suicide runs, turian frigates pounding the reapers before collapsing. Geth and quarian ships working in concert, shielding eachother before falling to the fire (though just geth in my case).

On the ground I wanted to see humans and turians fighting side by side, covered by asari biotics as salarians stealthily snuck behind the lines in a vain attempt at sabotaging key nodes. I wanted to see krogans collapse by the sheer weight of the husks charging them. Quarians desperately trying to repair broken geth as those very geth cover them, being mowed down by the unstoppable hordes.

I wanted to see it. Not just imagine it. But what did we get? One alliance ship exploding, Shepard looking up sadly, and on to the timeskip.
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