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What would be a good ending, despite the shown impact of war assets? Would you have to rewrite ME3 completely? Even parts of ME2? The new endings are merely OK but what could be changed to make a good ending that would tend to most of the (justified) criticism?
I'm not a fan of the indoctrination ending theory since it results in a simple and boring "we beat the baddies and their jedi mind tricks - ze end !" scenario that would get rid of any deeper meaning. Personally I'm fond of the general concept of endings that depict massive impact/change in mankind/sentient life, ME3 just didn't execute them well.

Didn't really follow the discussion that much lately so if someone already came up with a good idea point me to it, I'll gladly replace the existing endings in my head with it . I myself haven't come up with one yet, though.
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