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I've never been that big of a fan of Monogatari though parts of it have intrigued me. Unfortunately, when the tail end of Nisemono dampened my spirits by cockblocking me from epic shit, this might just be the end of me and Monogatari depending on the last part. It's unfortunate, really.
You should still watch Kizu when it gets released on BD/DVD in 2014... (assuming SHAFT actually release it in cinema's this year....) Kizu + Zen is when the series actually hits its highs once again... and yeah people thought Neko Black was bad when it was released in LN, this isn't any hindsight.

Originally Posted by Andrew C
Nekomonogatari Black is sort of a trainwreck *snip* it's objectively the weakest book in the series. So I started Nekomonogatari White with fear in my heart, but the first damn line proved singularly reassuring -- Hanekawa narrates. By moving things away from Araragi's increasingly cartoonish point of view, he manages to make Hanekawa into a real character again, and actually SHOW us all the things he was vainly trying to tell us in Black.
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