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I really think that Neko Black is called the "weakest link in the franchise" because the content of the story is not that substantial (i.e., much of the things revealed in Neko Black has been revealed or speculated for the longest time during the broadcasts of Bake and Nise). Even in a light novel reader's point of view, Neko Black simply acts as an expansion to the story between Kizu and Bake, which has been revealed a bit during Tsubasa Cat.

For me, I can't disagree with them, because I'm rewatching Tsubasa Cat and I can still remember the exact scenes where the "I'd do anything to keep you quiet" line came in. I also understand how Neko Black only exists to expand on Tsubasa's story pre-Bake, but I don't think that is a bad thing, really.

I'm pretty sure that the latter two parts will be better because little was shown regarding the second encounter between Koyomi and Black Hanekawa.
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