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I'm not sure what this "weakest link in the franchise" thing is about... Expecting to see something that progresses the story in a prequel is kinda silly.

IIRC, it was implied in Bake (and reinforced in Nise) that Tsubasa expected to eventually become a couple with Koyomi, but then, Hitagi comes out of nowhere and snatches him before Tsubasa could realize what was going on. But why did Tsubasa think that way? That's what I expect to be at least hinted at in the Neko Kuro plot.

I personally find it irrelevant if we know the answer when watching a prequel whether it's in a visual narration or an interactive one like a video game. The point is, what happened before all this? Why are things the way they were when the story started? Neko and Kizu are there to answer those questions of mine.

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