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Well that was a fun episode.

To those saying there was racism in this episode. Do you know what "Racism" is?
Racism is when one person(A) believes he is above another (B) and acts on that belief to harm person B in any form.
If A believes he is above B and makes jokes about his race, that's racism.
If A Believe he is above B and abuses him mentally or physically, that's racism.

In this episode, what we have is the group being surprised that they are fighting foreigners. There is no malice there, they are KIDS in HIGH SCHOOL who are SURPRISED to COMPETE with FOREIGN people in a game that PRIMARILY revolves around LOCAL CULTURE. Not to mention they are in the championships.

If you want to talk about the "hit" on the black guy, it was actually even mentioned. He had never seen anyone who is black. We already have someone who is called a "Bear" when he plays Karuta and people fear him, add the black there and you call it racist? Maybe YOU are racist. It's called culture shock, its not like nobody else from the team has been shocked into playing badly before. Oh and before you tell me that you aren't racist and are actually defending the black, the fact that you see it as offensive leads me to believe you believe they are vulnerable to these attacks, therefore you put them lower. You can't insult someone who's higher or on equal grounds without their permission after all.
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