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Totally agreed that there's no racism in this episode 8 of Chihayafuru S2. I don't hear anything about "being better than you, because you are different/so inferior" remarks. Sure, Taichi and co are kinda curious and some in the team are kinda scared for team Chiba with the international students, since people in Japan do not get to see many foreigners like we do here in the west. Japan is a homogeneous society after all. In my opinion Team Taichi & Co even acknowledged them by fighting them seriously, and also actually let them see what competitive karuta really is; Team Taichi & Co even admire the Chiba students because they love karuta too and actually how well they are at the game. In the end the Chiba students (even when they didn't win) even want to become better because of Team Taichi & Co. That's totally different from what Anthony (long haired, blond guy) has experienced in the past at school, i.e. how he's alienated just because he's a foreigner (who loves Japanese culture).

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