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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
probably, except Photon Cannons (horribly fragile for their cost... well, of course, bunkers overall cost is higher but still XD)

but i'm still really concerned by EMP SW, due its costs and area of effect. (fortunately, it require research, phew), which can turn your defense like paper. (combining with siege tank, you can see big holes within minutes)

bleh, i shouldn't rant about this, at least, shields are upgradable and can suck a lot of punishment.
Strange... I have never seen Korean pro SC games where EMP is regularly employed against Protoss buildings, except in the cases of Nuking. Detection and Defense Matrix were the two uses I see more often. I guess pro Terran players worry more about protecting their tanks, since "making big holes within minutes" isn't so hard when you have siege tanks anyway?
Originally Posted by Skane View Post
So what will be the Protoss' counter to Plague then?

Well, I assume the Protoss shielding means it is better off spending the energy on Dark Swarm. Zerg units are fragile, so on offense keeping the Zerglings alive would probably be more cost effective. Once again, my views came from the Korean pro games that I've seen. Plague is still very good on Protoss units though, it is just that by the time you have defilers, taking out buildings aren't an issue any more at your tech level.

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