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Originally Posted by Renegade334 View Post
I kinda like this one but so far there have been a lot of negative comments about how it is a direct rip of Resident Evil and the like. I nevertheless will still keep on reading it.

However, I feel that a few of the characters introduced so far will kick the bucket along the way - because of that bespectacled guy nearly orgasming about being in control of a survivor group.
I've seen very few negative comments on this series. Majority rules out it's alot better. Let's hope the RAWs are out by now (Chapter 5 to be exact). That bespectacled guy really annoys me, makes me want to throw him with the zombies at the school lol. But don't give up on the nurse, nerd babe, samurai girl and the fatty. LoL, doubt they'd get killed in a few.
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